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Mercury Drone Ports is a public-private partnership funded by Angus Council’s Mercury Programme, as part of the Tay Cities Region Deal working in partnership with DTLX and supported by a number of local and national businesses.

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Angus Council aims to be a sustainable, low carbon region that leads the development and implementation of innovative clean technologies. These technologies will deliver increased economic growth while significantly reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to national reductions in carbon use.

The Mercury Programme is Angus Council’s visionary £1bn partnership programme between government, public, private and community sectors whose aim is to increase productivity through clean growth, protecting places for future generations to live, work and visit.

Mercury Drone Ports is one of a number of economic development projects underway across Angus that aim to support and attract clean growth, low carbon and agri-tech business.



DTLX is a drone solutions company based in the North East of Scotland, whose focus is the development of next generation commercial drone operations to support the marine and offshore industries.

As consultants, DTLX both advise clients on how drones can be incorporated into their existing operations and project manage the development of integrated drone-based solutions for clients seeking safer, greener, value-adding alternatives to their status quo.

Through a variety of non-exclusive partnerships DTLX can also provide equipment and services ranging from heavy lift logistic drones and flying taxis to military grade counter-drone and drone swarm technologies, including drone light shows.

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Skyports is a world-leading drone delivery service provider and the UK’s first operator to fly unmanned drones BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight). Skyports’ in-house team of pilots are experienced in flying in all conditions, terrains, and weather. Safety is at the heart of everything Skyports does, working closely with regulatory bodies, and in consultation with local stakeholders, Skyports adheres to operational principles that prioritise safety, connectivity, and accessibility, reflecting the needs of the communities it serves.

Skyports is committed to ensuring its services connect people and communities in hard-to-reach and remote areas to everyday services such as healthcare and logistics. Skyports’ operations focus on the medical, e-commerce, logistics and maritime sectors – its successful concept flight trials with the NHSRoyal Mail and FedEx have proven to providing faster delivery times, reducing transportation costs, and cutting carbon emissions by using full-electric vehicles – Skyports is committed to protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of people in the local communities in which it operates, and bringing the best solutions and value for money to its customers.

Through its advanced air mobility area of the business, Skyports designs, builds and operates take-off and landing sites (vertiports) for air taxis. As the leading ground infrastructure provider for vehicle agnostic vertiports, Skyports works in partnership with world-class electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft manufacturers to enable the launch of air taxi services in multiple markets across the world.

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DronePrep is a company that constructs consortiums to undertake drone trials in the UK and Internationally for real world end users and customers and created the first Drone Delivery programs for Royal Mail, 5 NHS Trusts and Biotech companies in the UK in 2020-21.

DronePrep have also developed the DronePrep map, a web based application, which connects drone pilots with landowners and enables the creation and publication of Drone Access Policies and allows drone delivery design via the drone delivery register. Our software is backed by Ordnance Survey, ESRI, Registrars of Scotland, HM Land Registry and Microsoft and is dedicated to opening up low-level airspace for responsible drone use. Through their data and insight DronePrep is able to analyse ground-based information to seek necessary permissions for take-off and landing, and to conduct public and stakeholder consultations. 

DronePrep pride themselves on taking a balanced strategic view to drone use case implementation and understand that multi-stakeholder consultation with airspace, ground, environmental stakeholders is necessary to introduce drone interventions maturely in a way the public will accept and end users will have confidence in. Key staff members of DronePrep team are experienced spatial transport planners, land consultants, medical logistics practitioners and stakeholder engagement consultants who have been part the project teams delivering recent high-profile drone capability demonstrations elsewhere in the world.

Project supporters

A number of organisations have registered as supporters of Mercury Drone Ports. Click here to find out more.

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