Neuron at Montrose Port

Neuron is please to report a UK first transferring medical equipment from shore to ship. The trials were a resounding success showcasing the possibilities MediDrone can enable for ship to shore deliveries using automated flights that can be operated from anywhere in the world with technology to ensure safe separation between aircraft. 

We flew Covid-19 test kits and also urine containers over multiple flights, illustrating the utility a drone can bring to the possible use cases. We also flew to a very small landing platform on a pilot boat to indicate the accuracy of these systems, such that if it was to be scaled to larger vessels at sea that would be easily achievable.

We want to thank consortium partners HEROTECH8 LTD and Flock for working with us on the project so far and a thanks to DTL Drone Technologies Ltd. and Montrose Port Authority for their support around the event. There is a further demonstration to come in May elsewhere so stay tuned for more details.

Neuron is looking to showcase similar use cases in partnership with local drone operators, whilst recognising there needs to be an underlying infrastructure in place to bind these solutions together to benefit the community and businesses.

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